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Orignal Website - H33T.com

h33t is a filesharing site where BitTorr
ent files are indexed. h33t is founded on the principle the internet is a global library, information is free and available without censorship or control or taxation. when did you last pay to use a library, to borrow a book, a music cd, a movie, or a game? h33t is an ELECTRONIC LIBRARY ... and this is why you must SEED your downloads to GIVE BACK what you have taken so the library may continue

h33t is a NON-PROFIT organisation, we are a library in the traditional sense. h33t is NOT a financial venture, we exist only to provide content to those who would normally seek the services of a library: the students, the researchers, the young, the old, the disenfranch
ised, the browsers, the try-before-they-buy, and those outside of the dollar/euro economic zones. the site costs are paid from our own pockets because of the love of what we do, our commitment which means everyone regardless of background or country, of wealth or opportunity, MUST without exception have guaranteed access to the knowledge of our global library. TOGETHER WE FIND A GREATER CAUSE AND A FASTER ADVANCE, KNOWLEDGE CAN ONLY BE SHARED

membership is free (as in free beer). we accept donations to pay the costs of our hardware and software
systems, please see the donations menu

we are all about education. the staff at
(click to open) on the main index. please understand your donation cannot buy you privilege or servicesh33t offer full online live training to anyone who wishes to learn about filesharing, the service is free (as in more free beer). you get your own personal coach, hand holding is cool, detailed tutorials, a help forum, online live support chat, all you need to become a quality files
harer. does not matter your current level of knowledge, our expert staff are keen to see you succeed. contact any member of staff on the support page (click to open)


comparisions between a bricks and mortar library and an electronic library are as useful as comparisions between an abacus and a calculator

the ancient library principles of free access for all remain true today as 1,000 years ago, but the modern functions are radically different. the founders of the internet envisioned this, look at Stanford. and
h33t is a testament to the consequencies of a such a fine principle elevated by the internet and accelerated by p2p (a devastingly economic combination)

the abacus was goo
d enough for the Chinese to grow a civilisation that invented gun powder and get a rocket off the ground ... the electronic calculator enabled global finance which finally took man to the moon. both are adding machines, identical principles

the difference between the bricks and mortar library and the electronic library is as revolutionary. in the same way the calculator replaced the abacus, the traditional means of disseminating knowledge and content is replaced with a system 100% destructive to the old. the MGM Grokster case was a civil action and drew the line that had been drawn so many times before since Betamax: technology cannot be criminalised and by the same token the user of an electronic library is not a criminal. it is the perogative of the copyright owner to design into their product sufficient protection as befits the value of the product, however it is clear the value of media content resides within the local advertising wrapper and not with the content itself

there is no charity in free market capital efficiency theory, and the traditional library markets are f
inancially poor: the young, the old, the disenfranchised, those outside of the dollar/euro economies. the media companies cannot, and never did, reach these markets with their traditional rights management revenue streams. what the media companies see is 1 cent a click from a global audience but for this to happen they must defeat the principle of the free library

for the past 45 years the OPEC cartel has depressed the world's industrial economy with artificially hig
h petroleum prices while they pave their desert palaces with gold. similarily, the global media cartel have depressed the world's cultural economy with artifically high media prices (also paving their palaces in the desert with gold). the traditional monopoly on production and distribution of media is unsustainable in the face of electronic hyperdistribution. meanwhile the principle of the free library remains as an economic and cultural engine for education, unity, and development, on a global scale .
Please Seed !

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